Join URI

11 good reasons to join URI

  1. URI is a vibrant global network in daily communication on issues of peace, justice and healing.
  2. You win partners and friends in more than 60 countries on all continents.
  3. URI's Charter is an excellent guideline for all interfaith efforts. It has been created in conversation by Thousands of people world wide and is a powerful and spiritual document.
  4. URI is linked to the United Nations (UN), it has special consultative status with the UN.
  5. You will be invited to vibrant European and international URI gatherings and assemblies.
  6. Your interfaith work will become visible on an international level.
  7. URI offers a chance for continuous learning and inspiration, e.g. through exchange about best practices as well as openness to continuous organizational learning and adaptation.
  8. URI is committed to partnership with other interfaith efforts. Simultaneous memberships are considered a blessing, not a problem.
  9. URI has an interfaith prize, the Bill Bowes Award. It is assigned every three years in each region to an interfaith project by one of the member groups (Co-operation Circle). It includes a monetary prize of US-$ 5.000,- for the selected project.
  10. Everyone is needed for co-creating a better world, with peace, justice and healing. The global interfaith work for peace, justice and healing is still a small seedling, a young plant, which needs care, watering, support - so join us.
  11. We need to combine and multiply our efforts. For this we need to create effective networks, organisations, platforms. Many people need to become active on a large scale. - We need to be and co-create the change we wish to see in the world.

 6 good reasons to become active

  1. Actvism offers you a chance to be creative.
  2. You will have new experiences, including leadership experiences.
  3. Activism gives you a framework for evolving and developing as a person.
  4. You get to know new people and perspectives.
  5. Often times you experience joy and fun.
  6. You can do good and do something meaningful.

You help to change the world.