Your Good Morning makes my day

URI Europe Proverb, January 2017


To greet each other is a universal thing. Everybody does it , everywhere and in every culture. Even when you have not met each other before, you become less 'strange', because you tell the other person: I have noticed you. This way you create a bond, you uplift him and you change the atmosphere. Therefore to greet creates togetherness.


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Are you one of those people who greets everybody naturally? Are you the kind of neighbour who takes the time for a chat? Then you set the tone. Do you make the other person's day and are you one of those people who make the world a better place? Your 'hello' changes the people around you: your family, your neighbours, your colleagues.

Your Good Morning is free


But its effect is priceless. Check it. When after a bad night you come to the breakfast table and someone wishes you a ‘Good Morning’ - preferably in combination with a cup of fresh coffee - it helps. When on the contrary you are confronted with a grumpy person at the breakfast table, who barely looks up from his/her newspaper - it doesn't help. At the same time people who cannot or do not want to greet are probably those that need it the most.

URI Europe joins Movement without a Name in shouting out loud: it is the little things that matter. At the same time it is easy for us to say that ‘little things’ are important. When it really matters all the attention goes to the most beautiful miss, the quickest sportswoman, the best entrepreneur. The importance of the little things that matter seldom gets the attention it deserves.

Therefore we would like to thank you very much. You who commit yourself - wherever- to your immediate surroundings. URI Europe considers your commitment as something out of the ordinary, because it is priceless and makes a difference.

URI Europe wishes you wholeheartedly a very good day! 





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