Travelling? Everything you leave behind is a welcome bonus - URI Europe Proverb for July

Travelling? Everything you leave behind is a welcome bonus.

Less is more.


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We will also apply this to the commentary: let’s not waste words.

When travelling you consciously try for a short while to leave everything behind you that is routine and to look at things in a new perspective. It is about a change of air, new horizons and meeting different people, isn’t it? That is why travelling is also always to distance oneself a little, to let go.

But whatever you leave behind, you always take yourself with you.

And exploring yourself can go deeper and bring more peace than any other cruise or far-away trip.

Fly light

THE advice to people who travel a lot. Don’t take too much with. Not in your suitcase, and not in your head. Let go, leave everything behind. Go slowly, be less perfect and maybe even more primitive.

That is why we wish you a big heart and a light mood with a lot of space for new things. A satisfying trip with new eyes that do not want to see other things, but want see things in a different way.

To travel is always to disassociate oneself a little, to let go.”


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