The one who accumulates too much, goes mad

URI Europe Proverb April 2016


A true story.

A friend had stacked so much in her attic that one day, everything toppled over and fell down upon the hatch. The access to the attic was blocked. She hoarded so much that in the end, she could not reach it anymore.

Does this sound familiar?

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What happens in our attic also often happens in our head. One can store so many bad memories and scaring thoughts in one’s head, that it drives one mad, desperate and finally one becomes depressed.

We can be filled to the brim with ‘yesterday’, so much so that our hands are not able to open the present ‘today’.

Spring cleaning, a good habit.

Also in your head. It is a guarantee for mental health. April is the time to look in attics and cellars and to give them a good cleaning. Everything that can be binned, that is unnecessary and useless has to be thrown out. Let’s clear out all the rubbish. In our home, our head and body. Spring cleaning, fasting or a cure? It is all the same thing.

A clearout is good. It is therapeutic. The one who has done it, knows… Everything becomes and feels different. Fantastic isn’t it, the feeling that there is space for something new. It is space to live.

What else is spring than new life?

Spring does not ask winter if there is space. Spring just happens. As if nature gives you and me directions. Helps us to let go. As if life prepares us for the moment on which we have to let go of everything. To die in order to be born again, or a good cleanout is …

spring time at its best!



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