Soft values? Needed heart- and- soul!

URI Europe Proverb May 2016

Is it possible that, in times of taking care of the future, we look in the wrong direction?

Often society resembles a playground, until you listen to the innner side and get to the bottom of what preoccupies and moves people. When people ask me 'if I have the time to listen to them', often tears fall. Every human being has a 'burden' and there is a lot of hidden pain, more than we want to admit.

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Who has the time to listen?

Very few people. Everybody runs behind their schedule. Couples don't have time for each other anymore. Parents donĀ“t have time for their children. More and more relations end in a divorce, less and less people risk a durable relationship and more and more children grow up in a stressful environment, full of conflicts or unsafe.

From figures of a Health Inquiry in one of the Western European countries, it seems that 42% of young women between 15 and 25 indicate to have a psychiatric problem. They are unsure of themselves and anxious, but still they are the mothers of tomorrow.

Is love going through a crisis?

If so, the living material that is our society is in danger. If we claim that love is the fulfillment of life, it is of the utmost importance to say it out loud and to choose resolutely for love.

URI Europe wants to make it its business. In our network human beings play the central part and our care goes to fostering human encounters with the so-called Other.

Finally this. The one who claims that the economy is the engine of society and that more welfare guarantees more happiness, is mistaken. It is true to some extent: basic everyday needs must be fulfilled, education and health care provided for a fulfilled and fulfilling life. Beyond, though, not the money - because that is the outside - but love is the deeper motive that keeps us going.

So it seems that the softest value is the strongest engine to keep this world afloat.


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