Remain lovingly. No path for softies.


URI Europe Proverb, August 2017

One hears language of war here and there as a reaction to acts of terror worldwide. In his opinion column David Van Reybrouck pleads for other forms of resoluteness than war language. Immediately after the attacks in Norway the Prime Minister Stoltenberg pleaded frankly for "more democracy, more openness, more participation". In this climate of violence we need this connective thinking. Violence starts indeed where people allow themselves to be played off against each other and point at innocent people.



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Only light can conquer darkness.

Last November, 'Hart boven Hard' (Heart above Hard) and other similar organisations have organised simultaneous "silent wakes" in various Belgian towns in solidarity with all the victims of terror attacks and wars. Under the common motto "together against hate" the civil movement invites as many people as possible to make a gesture against violence, polarising and terrorism.

URI’s interfaith Cooperation Circles from Russia to Spain, from Bulgaria to Germany, from Belgium to Bosnia, from the Netherlands to Turkey, from Austria to Serbia, from France to England, and elsewhere in Europe and around the world, work daily to create enduring daily interfaith cooperation, end religiously motivated violence and to create cultures of peace, justice and healing for the Earth and all living beings.


An alternative for fear begins with .... YOU!

Every person who chooses resolutely every day to stay lovingly, to accept dialogue, to choose for encounter, knows that this is not an easy path to take. Resistance, disappointment, desperation are part of it. Resilience is a must. Notwithstanding more than 800 interfaith Cooperation Circles in 101 countries worldwide, choose this path, sometimes doing this already for decades. To keep trusting. Also when it becomes difficult. Because we keep believing in the silent force of many citizens who together keep delivering small, meaningful deeds. As a silent protest.


The Dalai Lama has spread a similar message:

"Violence is a reaction of shortsighted people that have lost the plot. At 81 I believe that violence cannot be solved by prayers or governments. We have to create change at an individual level and then spread this to your neighbourhood and the society".




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