Real freedom? Learn to let go of yourself

URI Europe Proverb for February 2016  

Real freedom? Learn to let go of yourself

It is not always my wife, my husband, my boss or my environment that wants me to do this or that. Very often we are obstructing ourselves because we are attached to our own judgements. Images we have created ourselves, pictures and labels with which we identify ourselves.

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We are the warden of our own prison.

Because we are determined by our thoughts. A lot of heads are full of only painful memories of the past or with frightening pictures of the future. We are stuck between what is over and what is yet to come. How many negative or dark thoughts are spooking regularly through your head? Do you allow them to be there or do you say 'stop' and do you try to think differently by becoming aware of what keeps you imprisoned- what makes you small, frightened and unsure. If you are the warden of your own prison, then you are also able to free yourself.

It is about becoming aware.

Am I aware of everything my brain produces ? How I let it govern me and become dependent on it? When I become aware of this (and it is possible) I will experience that there is a deeper self inside me. This deeper self can effectively ‘look’ at my often chaotic mental activities, that do not want to stop. In other words, I become a spectator of my own thinking. As such every new thought loses its power over me. That is the end of all compulsive thinking. From now on I determine what I allow into my thinking. I am no longer lived and lead by what my head produces, because I use the freedom that is in me.

To learn to live 'now'.

I will not get lost anymore in yesterday or tomorrow, but I will be here and now. I start courageously and will use my freedom and become master of my inner compass. I leave space for my inner source that wants to flow in all directions. To become free is to be released from my prison.

To become free is a verb.


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