Many plumes give you strong wings!

URI Europe Proverb September 2015  

Many plumes give you strong wings!

Every human being needs encouragement. A baby is encouraged to eat, a toddler and a child are constantly encouraged to walk, to talk and to learn. There is no need to convince any parent of this fact. Children who are encouraged will thrive, grow and improve.


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Until children become adults.

Then something seems to change in human psychology. We stop to encourage our older children and later also our colleagues, our employees or simply our fellow human beings. As if, for whatever reason, this is not required anymore. As if grown-ups do not need this anymore. Nothing is further from the truth.


This kind of negligence probably finds its origin in the fact that, if we are no longer positively valued, we neglect to encourage others, while carrying this need inside us since childhood.

The attentive spectator will however see that we are all constantly waiting for encouragement, ... a pat on the back!

Give people a plume and they get wings.

This was a proverb published some years ago. Many readers reacted to this. Why?

Because people recognized in these 'winged' words, meant as a pun, their need to receive a plumeā€¦ or to give one. Toddler or child, worker or leader, they all need that pat on the back. Only when acknowledged do people get confirmation for what they are doing. People want to hear and feel that they are appreciated for what they are trying to realise, often with a lot of dedication and effort.

And give people many plumes, then they get strong wings.


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