It is better to have a small ideal than a big capital

URI Europe Proverb for January 2016  

It is better to have a small ideal than a big capital.

We have got lost in paradise. We have forgotten what the essence of life is all about.

When will man realise that happiness and well-being do not depend upon material things and money?

We already know a long time that it is not about "having", but about "being". One can possess a lot of money, but if one does not have "an inner side", one is poor. Very poor.

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To pursue an ideal gives positive energy.

An ideal is a dream that gives us a boost. At the same time it is the motive that makes me look beyond myself. With an ideal to pursue I no longer ask the question what society has to offer me. What matters is what I can do for society. That is where happiness originates. When we connect from the inside with something or somebody, happiness is offered to us as a bonus.

In other words...

Happiness is a side-effect of a commitment.

To become happy is related to what calls upon me. It has something of wanting to make the impossible possible. Where I can surpass myself, where my passion is, there is my life.

"An ideal is a dream that gives us a boost".

When tomorrow, amid difficult times, one tries to survive, it is above all important to have a fire within. Positive energy, belief and conviction that it has to change. That it can change. Fire that encourages others, that gives hope, that makes people go along. Even if we would have a shortage of material things, it will always be "happiness" that we can continue to share.

Because the one who is rich within can never become poor from giving.


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