In the darkest night shine the brightest stars

URI Europe Proverb, December 2016

She is too young.

The verdict of the doctors and science were painfully clear: the illness in her body was irreversible. She would die. The light went out. Everything turned black. An endless dark tunnel with only the unknown. Sadness, anger, fear, confusion and panic. The nights were awfully empty and hopelessly insane. There was no direction, no aim, no sense anymore. Nothing.


 Proverb Dec page 001


Eyes get used to the dark.

She became sensitive to every tiny sparkle of hope, however trivial. In the middle of the darkness she discovered, bit by bit, a little bright ray of hope. It seemed to welcome her, to cherish and carry her. It became a very small, invisible bridge from fear and sadness leading slowly to trust and surrender. She had a sinking feeling ...without falling.

Death is part of life.

Mysteriously they are interwoven, bound to each other like the two sides of a coin.. It helped her to understand- above imagined horizons - that this is not the end. She experienced the enriching and shining realisation that letting go is only a transition to another life. With commending herself came the realisation that she was now - and had always been - supported.

"When the known world is turned upside down, that which seems to be lost in utter darkness is raised into the deepest light. Bottomless. From which you can never fall. Nobody".

Ton Lathouwers in ' More than a person can do' Asoka press

In the darkest night shines the brightest star. I dedicate this star to Irene and her lover. Two friends who across far away borders were for many the light in the dark, and will remain so.




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