Everyone is entitled to a bad day!


URI Europe Proverb, November 2016

After a bad night your partner joins you in a grumpy mood at the breakfast table . Your 'good morning' falls on deaf ears and the coffee does not do its job. You try harder, but nothing seems to work. Maybe your partner needs time to see things more clearly, or maybe he needs some space to put things in perspective? Your reaction is important in determining whether you both come to a discussion later that brings some relief.

To become angry because someone has a bad moment, does not help. That is certainly true. We cannot determine the moods of other people. How can we deal with it? You could try to say something like: "You are entitled to a bad day! If there is anything I can do for you, please tell me".

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Every person's life has a dark side.

Some days you are happy and you see the beautiful and good side of life. Everything goes smoothly, everybody is friendly and you don't know why. And suddenly, often without a clear reason, a certain sadness descends upon you and every little thing becomes an excuse to complain and criticize others. Why? Why is it like that?


A human being is a part of nature

There is a day and a night. A winter and a summer. People follow the rhythm of the sea - low tide and high tide - much more than they realise. Our life is a succession of 'living' and 'dying'. We have to go through so much at different stages of our life that, not surprisingly and impossible to explain why, sadness or a vague feeling is part of us.

To be aware of this can help us to accept that having a good day and a bad day is just part of life. When we allow these natural ups and downs in life, we shall live more consciously , a more stable and deeper life. In the end it will help us to become more even-tempered because we learn that after each night a new morning dawns.





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