Bad luck? Learn and continue!

URI Europe Proverb August 2016

Bad luck? Learn and continue!


Life is not a bed of roses. Life can be tough. Worries, bad luck, sadness, injustice or violence can shake us considerably, mark us or trip us up. Everyone of us has had the experience: “how do I get through this?”

On a difficult stretch in our lives an encouraging word can be comforting, but in order to deal with it and overcome it, we are on our own. We cannot determine what will happen to us in our lives, but we can decide how to deal with it. You decide to undergo things as an unresisting victim or to use it as an opportunity.  If you do not try to avoid things and are guided by the thought of what has to be done here, you understand the deeper meaning of life.


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Western and eastern traditions convince us - that if there is no way out - rescue is possible.

When escape is humanly impossible, when we have tried everything and nothing works, it is important to persevere and especially to keep it open. When we repeatedly beg to be different for example and we do not succeed, in our never ending trial something becomes apparent that we would otherwise never see.

Falling and picking oneself up again, learning and continuing has a strong no-nonsense content and something of the real-life feeling that we are looking for.

When you get through a crisis you get satisfaction from the fact that you did not avoid the challenge and that you assumed the responsibility. A painful confrontation is a fantastic teacher. It teaches you to look at things differently and helps you to discover riches that you would never have encountered without this difficult path. Even stronger: what looked like a disaster at the beginning, in the end seems to have been a blessing; that what is lost in darkness, is raised into the light; that which at first threatened to destroy us, in the end seems to save us. It is as the zen teacher says :

"Each suffering is a deep, mysterious form of deliverance, which from a human point of view is healing, but at the same time carries an incomprehensible form of salvation in itself".



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