Are you right down in the dumps? Stop digging!

URI Europe Proverb November 2015  

Are you right down in the dumps? Stop digging!

Every one of us is confronted with painful events: unexpected job loss, a friend who betrays you, a partner that cheats on you, someone close who commits suicide. It can shake us up considerably and force us to stand still.

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To dig is good

Preferably with people whom you trust and who love you. To stand still with them and to get down to the bottom and confront the pain can be healing and enriching. Because at the bottom of the pit lie all the answers you can only find there. Often they are hidden treasures that determine how - and how quickly- you get out of the dumps.

But what if the dumps are your place of residence?

There are people who never recover from a tragedy and remain a shadow of who they were the rest of their lives. They live in the dumps. There they dig endlessly, because one way or another it protects them from the pain of life.

On the other hand there are people who - however deep they are in trouble - they find a way out. They emerge stronger, fuller, richer. They experience that...

There is no darkness without light!

There are questions that remain unanswered. There is injustice that gives us a feeling of desolation. There is pain we cannot be reconciled with. In the middle of all of this the philosopher Lev Sjestov wants to impress on us 'that the one who is lost in eternity and to herself, himself - and is in the mercy of immeasurable despair - is capable of paying attention to the ultimate reality'.


And this miracle happens within us. It points without doubt and irrevocably to our heart. That is where it happens. From the heart we can raise from any dump, any grave or death because life does not let go of us, light does not give up on us, because right across everything... we are carried through.

We wish you to meet people you can draw on.


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