A happy heart = a smiling face

URI Europe Proverb, May 2017


Which face are you wearing? Look in the mirror at your face. Not at your hair or your make-up. Look further and deeper. You live behind your face. It is your face that tells who you are.

Are you wearing a mask that adapts according to the circumstances? Flattering and lovable towards the people above you? Hard and cold for those that are beneath you? With a standard smile to sell or because you are paid to do so, joyful in the pub and indifferent at work? Challenging in traffic and closed at home?


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You live behind your face.

Your face needs to be an open and honest mirror of your inner self. People with sour faces make life sour. If your face cannot stand a smile, something is wrong on the inside. Your heart is ill. A cold face is indeed the result of a cold heart. Cure your heart and smile from the heart - just like that, for nothing, along the street, at the counter, in the office, in the car, at work. Because Phil Bosmans wrote repeatedly:

"When you cannot laugh, you cannot live"

Furthermore a happy person equals two. An unhappy person is a big worry, but a happy one is a blessing. She lives for herself in joy and is content, she lives for the people around her in peace and friendship. He knows that happiness is not a lottery ticket, it is not a beautiful butterfly that you have to pursue. He knows that happiness is like a shadow that follows you when you don't think about it, like an echo that responds to what you give of yourself.

A happy person experiences that happiness exists of many parts, and that there will always be something missing - but she forgets this - in order to enjoy what she has.

A happy person is never dangerous. There are too few happy persons.




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