URI Europe representative at the “Transforming education” Arigatou International symposium

“Transforming Education” was a two-day online event that brought together educators, children and young people, policymakers, religious leaders, faith-based and civil society organizations, academic researchers, and multilateral agencies to reflect together, collaborate and advance ethics education for children worldwide.

The symposium aims to accelerate global action and support to prioritize ethics education as a critical aspect for societies to foster learning to live together, contributing to building forward better under the moto If we transform education, we can transform the world!



Transforming education Arigatou


URI Europe CC Liaison Officer Lejla Hasandedic-Dapo was one of the speakers and facilitators at the interactive workshop “The Role of Young People in Advocating for Ethics Education for Children”. At this workshop speakers and participants discussed the relevance of ethics education in different contexts, reflect on the role of young people in advocating for ethics education for children, and identified strategies to advocate for ethics education for children.


Transforming education Arigatou 1


To learn more about the symposium and Arigatou International please visit https://ethicseducationforchildren.org/online-symposium/