United Religions Initiative Europe Assembly in Damme, Belgium

We were guests at the Stiltehoeve (Silentfarm, vegetarian meals, partly grown in own garden!) of
BZN. Here we had a short three day meeting with CC's from all over Europe, to share experience,
new ideas and thoughts. It was a very intense pack filled with knowledge and young fresh ideas and
inspiration. We shared these through plenary group sessions, making posters, and various
brainstorm techniques, bringing out all the input in a structured manner.

This was also a moment to explain again how URI Europe is organized, and to explain certain
things. For example currently there is a paid staff of three who are doing all the coordinating and
communication jobs concerning the 36 operating CC's and 16 starting CC's in Europe.
But also about the role of Patrick Hanjoul who has fulfilled the last 13 years as chair for URI
Europe, as well as the director of BZN (Bond Zonder Naam, Movement Without a Name everybody
contributes without taking credit) a major partner in backing activities for URI Europe to happen.
But how do we envision and plan to continue was the main question for this meeting.

There was also a small visit to Brugge, a local city and a musical talent show.

It was again a great experience to meet people from countries from their own context, and being
able to ask questions. Sadly it was more or less the same story regarding dissappearing jobs,
secularisation, violence relating to religion and rising populism.

Never the less we are grateful for this opportunity, to put our heads together and create a vision for
the future.

Lets see where future will take us!

URI IBS CC Editorial Team 2016


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