SIRF (Society for Intercultural Research and Friendship) URI Europe CC in Ankara, Turkey

URI Europe assistant coordinator Lejla Hasandedic was invited by Mr. Kemal Basci who is member of SIRF CC (Society for Intercultural Research and Friendship) to visit this URI Europe CC and get more information about their activities.

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SIRF (Society For Intercultural Research and Friendsih) is a non-governmental organization and also URI Europe CC which aims to provide voluntary service mainly for non-native students, who come to Turkey primarily for educational and other purposes such as: research, work, tourism, business, investment, investigation, health, and the like. It is also open for those who go abroad for the same purposes prior to education. It was officially established on June 14 th 1995 and has been actively working since then.

SIRF has come into being to fill a gap that guest students are likely to feel. When most of these students representing many different countries and cultures first arrive in Turkey, experience numerous difficulties due to language, new environment, different social setting, adaptation problems, climate, eating habits, feeling homesick and so forth. Thus, in order to orient them into Turkish culture and environment SIRF appears there as a true guide.

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Its first and main aim is to create a friendly atmosphere among these young people belonging to different countries, cultures, ethnic roots, colors, genders, ages and religions. To introduce them to Turkish environment and to each other, to them make feel at home taking all anxieties and sense of being a foreigner away, to make them good friends of each other and Turkey reaching out ultimate aim which is to create a peaceful world that everybody can enjoy being and living as human.

We want to thank you Mr. Kemal Basci and all members of SIRF for their hospitability and all amazing work that they are doing as URI Europe CC.

Lejla Hasandedic (URI Europe Assistant Coordinator)