Report on the latest activities of the "Religions for Humanity" CC, Moscow, Russia

by Dr. Guzel Strelkova

14 July 2009

In the last few months, from March to early July 2009, our Co-operation Circle (CC), whose members are mainly teachers and students of Moscow State University and some other Institutes, met several times to discuss the religious situation in our country and abroad and some special and general religious topics.

Buddhist temple Norbulingka

Dr. Guzel Strelkova at the Buddhist Temple of Norbulingka, India

Buddhist temple Norbulingka

One of the meetings was held in March, shortly after the return of Dr. Gyuzel Strelkova from India, where she visited Dharmashala and the Buddhist Convent in Nirbulinga. Gyuzel Strelkova described how the life of the young generation of Tibetan Buddhists, who were born and live in emigration, unfolds in India, in Delhi and McLeodganj. 

Gyuto Tantric University

Gyuto Tantric University, Dharmashala, India