Open Gebedshuizen dag - Open Prayer Houses Day in Belgium

In the month of May, Jac de Bruyn (member of the Bond zonder Naam CC in Belgium) and  “Interlevensbeschouwelijk platform Heusden - Zolder” organized “Open Gebedshuizen dag” (Open Prayer Houses Day) on several places in their province (Beringen, Bilzen, Ham, Hasselt, Heusden - Zolder, Houthalen - Helchteren, Leopoldsburg, Maaseik, Maasmechelen and Overpelt) in Belgium.


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Their activitiy started with a breakfast together and then participants visited churches and mosques. 

You can see all the pictures on the link below

A few years ago they were singing with choir Kantikune in this meeting, what can also be seen on the previous link.

It is important to mention that this project exist already for several years and it was created by a working group of volunteers involved in group organized under the name "Interfaith dialogue” and they also manage to get support from the service of their Provincial administration aiming to promote intercultural cooperation.
Their provincial administration is offering different resource, such as administration help and support in facilitating the meetings on local level and also help and support in promoting and realizing a local program. The Province is also helping to promote activities with flyers and banners and they provide small financial support giving a local group about 200 Euros to cover their costs.

With our local group we are partners since the start of this project and promotors of this initiative in our municipality.


Jac de Bruyn (member of the Bond zonder Naam CC in Belgium)