Film evening offers fascinating views and sparks interfaith conversation

Members of the Baha’i Community Bonn, the DMLB CC, URI Germany CC and Intercultural Circle Bonn CC met again on May 15, 2017, with friends for their interfaith film evening.

After a buffet snack and welcomes and exchanging our news, about 20 participants watched the amazing film “Human - humanity” together. - This film by Yann Arthus-Bertrand offers fascinating insights into what it means to be human. He and his team interviewed 2.000 people from 60 countries and – in line with URI ideals – gave the floor to those voices which are not often heard. In between their accounts the most amazing views of nature and landscapes are shown.


Bonn film night


Many of us felt deeply moved by the stories of peace and war, hunger and fullness, human relationships, and the conversation we had after the film echoed these sentiments.

We agreed to meet again to come together again and watch the second half of this movie which is three hours in length. “This is a film whose impressions will stay with me for a long time” said Sheikh BASHIR Dultz, leader of URI Germany and the DMLB. And Karimah Stauch, URI Europe’s Coordinator said: “The film “Human” shows the human condition which binds us together. It supports and renews my commitment to continue our interfaith work for peace, justice and healing”.


Bonn film night 1



Karimah Stauch, URI Europe Coordinator