CC Intercultural Circle Bonn visits the Oldcatholic Church

Eleven members of the Intercultural Circle Bonn visited on Sunday, March 13, the Church “Name Jesu” in the center of Bonn. The Church erected in the End of the 17 th Century by the Jesuits became in 1877, only 4 years after their founding, a parish of the Oldcatholics until 1934. After this she belonged to the University of Bonn and was used for the college students. That periode ended in 2007. After a fundamental renovation she was given back to the Oldcatholics, who use them as their Cathedral. By this it is now the seat of their Bishop.

Uwe Reckzeh, a young priest contender, lead us through the church and explained all the interesting details. And he told us, what people had driven to found a new community. That happened after the 1st Vatican-Council, where the clerus decided the infallibility of the Pope. Some of them wanted to go back to the status of hierarchy before the council, never thinking of a revolution. But the process of history lead to the result we have now:

In the Oldcatholic Church the Bishops are elected by the community. And the clerus is not forced to live celibate. They allow also women to be priests and bishops. So today they have more similarities with the Anglican Church and Episcopal Church,and indeed, they cooperate with them very well.

The Oldcatholics see themselves in the long tradition of the Roman-Catholic Church, but give freedom to everybody to integrate it into their lives.

The members of our CC had a very interesting lecture and were very thankful for having come to now of a new point of view on the diversity of religion in our town.



Marianne Horling

CC Intercultural Circle Bonn