Nature does not speak, but says a lot ...


URI Europe Proverb October 2016

Nature does not know language, at the most sounds.

Man decodes sounds, recognizes them as words or concepts, puts them in logical order and understands them as a message. Language is its tool.

Our reason produces concepts, definitions and structures. It is important to see that our brain always registers a part of reality. The here and now that we observe, is 'but' a product of our brain. We cannot after all understand the whole reality  from reason . There is more next, past and behind the things that we notice.


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Everything is energy.

Natural scientists now get into contact with a reality that they can no longer doubt with their methodical and logic thinking. They refer unambiguously to a reality that cannot be proven with our intellectual capacities. When they penetrate into the smallest forms of life, they are confronted with a scientific conclusion - yes - that matter does not exist, but are vibrations of energy.

From this we learn that only using our sensory and intellectual capacities prevents us using the deeper possibilities of our consciousness. It is no longer about ' knowing', but about 'experiencing'. Or better: ' perception'. In short, if we want to approach the whole reality, we should not cling to only the mental, intellectual level of consciousness.


Nature does not use human language.

It sends vibrations. We can also sense these, if we at least are receptive to it. We only have to open a door from the inside in order to be tuned into it. Once open, we are allowed to experience that this wonderful nature does not speak, but says a lot and is, yes very well-spoken.

Therefore I understand the girl of seven that lives on the opposite side of the street. I saw her stamping her feet, and throwing her arms wildly around while she was shouting through her tears that the tree in front of her house, should not be felled.




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