Youth for Peace's CC in collaboration with Sombor's Educational Center held a workshop "Challenges of Dialogue''

After URI's Conference ''Moving interfaith work forward in Europe'' held in Plovdiv at the end of April, young people from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia continue to work and develop their interfaith partnerships.


On the 30th of May, representatives of Youth for Peace's CC from Bosnia and Herzegovina, went to Sombor and in collaboration with organization Sombor's Educational Center held a workshop 'Challenges of Dialogue''. During this workshop they represented their work, position of young people in their country and what are most important prerequisites for interfaith and interreligious dialogue. Throughout lot of discussions young people from Sombor could check their values and beliefs about their own identity and diversity, and as well to exchange experience about similar subjects.



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During this visit, members of Youth for Peace had a meeting with representatives of Sombor's Educational Center during which they agreed about future collaboration between these two organizations. This collaboration is focused on connecting young people from Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina and as well, building capacities of both organizations throughout exchange of knowledge, skills and experiences.

Ljiljana Miljanovic, Youth For Peace CC