World Interfaith Harmony Week – Youth For Peace, Bosnia and Herzegovina

As Austrian CC invited people from all over the world to light a candle on Saturday, February the 7th, members of our CC were more than happy to support this idea. And to pray for ancestors, who suffered from religious violence.


We gathered on the hill above capital city Sarajevo, called Yellow Fortress. Yellow Fortress is actually a remnant of the defensive fort built under the Ottomans. Our city, Sarajevo is a city with a rich cultural heritage. For several hundreds years, two great empires (Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian) met in Bosnia and Herzegovina which made our country a crossroad for different traditions and cultures, such are world's most important monotheistic religions-Islam, Catholic, Ortodox and Judaism.
The last bad thing that happened to Sarajevo and Sarajevans, was the Siege, 1992-1995.
Remembering all the victims, from the youngest to the oldest, we lighted the candle to enlighten their path on their journey to better world. Because, as families believe, many of them, who are still not found, didn't find their last place to rest.
It may be strange, but we found similarities with our gathering and weather in Sarajevo. Sarajevo is known for its days full of fog. It is quite the same in relationship among different religions that are existing in our country. There is too much fog (bad political, economical, social situation) which contributes to bad relationships among people. It hardens the realistic seeing of positive experiences, so there should be more candles (positive experiences and stories) to move that fog from people's eyes.
We all are grateful for our good and as well for the bad experiences, and will continue to contribute to all activities that might help us create better world.

Ljiljana Miljanovic, Youth for Peace CC