Words Matter (Stop Hate)

Conference Words Matter (Stop Hate) was held on Friday 18 th of November 2016 at City College in Coventry (UK). This conference was initiated as a result; following the UK EU referendum result to leave the EU an increase in hate speech and crime; an increase of online hate speech especially amongst young people; an increase of tension in and between communities thus harming the regions harmony and prosperity; additionally alerting young people to being vigilant with their use of the internet  and applications such as Facebook, twitter, instagram.


stop hate


This confernece was resourced; with financial help from the United Religions Initiative (Europe), the Big Lottery and generously in-kind support was provided by City College (Coventry). Volunteers from the Coventry Action, Eden Girls School and others helped to ensure the financial viability of the conference.

Also it was delivered; with the support of Council of Europe, Ministry of Justice, the Interfaith Network of United Kingdom, Media Diversity, All Faith Network and None, Euro-Mediterranean Resources Network,  West Midlands Police (Coventry), Coventry City Council.


Key Outcomes are:

1. Over 130 young people aged 14 - 25 from diverse backgrounds, educational ability and learning setting attended, they meaningfully engaged with the subject of hate speech/crime through discussing the value of choosing Words wisely. How Words impact on themselves and others, how Words are their currency to a successful and happy life for themselves, their family and community.

2. Initial finding from evaluation survey forms suggest participants valued contribution of speakers,  methodology of formal and none formal learning and discussion sessions, refreshments, and their hope to practise what they had learnt.

3. The journey to organise Words Matter, had involved 12 Champions (young people trained , supported and resourced to help plan, manage and deliver Words Matter and or complete follow up activities), they were presented with certificates, additional resources to help cascade the message of 'Words Matter - choose them carefully'.

4. Champions, City College and Eden Girls school plan to disseminate the message of Words Matter and Stop Hate with activities such as discussion groups, exhibitions, during assembly and PHSE lessons.

5. With support from other bodies, Together in Action plan to prepare a resource pack with templates of lesson plans, other student and teacher resources to promote young people appreciate power of their words and the positive change that be generated. 


What participants said about this conference:

'I really enjoyed it'

'It was a great event that should be delivered to the young and old'

'Thank you for arranging the event. It was good to see young people centre stage'

'I feel i have positively benefitted from this, I appreciate this being put together'

'I have learnt a lot in this session and it has changed my view about what i say and when'

'it was just so inspirational'

'overall very informative and made us open our eyes to the hate around the world'

'This has given me the confidence to stand up against hate speech, even if i am sacred'

'would be useful to repeat with all schools and colleges'

'more activities to get us more involved' 


Together in Action would especially like to thank City College, Coventry and United Religions Initiative (Europe) without their support this event could not have taken place. 


Deepak Naik (URI Europe Board memb and one of the conference organizers)