Women's Group Zwolle IJsselstroom CC discusses colours in Zwolle, the Netherlands

Dear friends,

we had a beautiful day full of sunshine with the Women’s Group Zwolle IJsselstroom CC.

Paule and Lonneke

We made plans and appointments for the coming year and talked about how we would like to express ourselves to the outside world. On the photo you can see the change of leadership, Lonneke Gunnink-v.d.Berg (on the right) takes over from Paule Bink-Wannemakers (on the left).

In Zwolle we have an initiative called “Roots, Reli and Rage”, which is planning an event “East meets West” in September 2009. Maybe we can co-operate with them this year and by this also promote URI and let people now we are there.

We wish everybody a very nice warm summer and Peace!
With greetings from the Heart,

Zwolle sun


Johanna Vonk
IJsselstroom, Zwolle, Nederland