Women Day Celebration

We in Russia have been celebrating the Women Day for many decades, although it has origin in Germany and, as far as I know, this Holiday is mostly beloved and celebrated in Russia. Actually it is a Holiday not only for women, including small girls, but for men as well, they too have fun, although many of them cook on this day, give women presents, say good words. All day long there are concerts on TV, radio, in clubs etc.

On March 7, 2014 representatives of a few NGOs of Novosibirsk including 4 people from our Euro-Asia URI CC came together to celebrate this day. When we came we saw that in the middle of the room there was already table, laid for tea party with cakes, pastries, fruits, candies and a big bouquet of flowers. So the celebration started with beautiful congratulations to all the women present by the men, then we had tea and after that started the official part, although it was informal and comprised short talks on the subject “Role of women in the society”.

Dmitry Oficerov-the Coordinator of the United Peace Federation Siberian branch was the first to speak. He has given analysis of the situation in relations men-women these days, the challenges we all go through, some data of UN, and he ended up with “the way to solve problems in the gender relations”. He sees it in coming to the eternal values: spiritual, cultural, family.

Galina Ermolina (coordinator of Euro-Asia URI CC) was the next to speak. She concentrated on the leading role of woman in spiritual life of society. Her talk was based on the world eternal sacral knowledge, taken by her from the fundamental philosophical Teachings and own life experiences. The New Epoch was proclaimed as the Epoch of Compassion and Women in the best sense of it, when men being strong in mind, character and body become softer in hearts and souls. As for women, they should stay feminine in nature and become more active in social life. The equality in the relations of Yin-Yang should become the key point of our future as humanity. Galina showed a slide program using the pictures of the famous Russian painter and Peace- maker, Nikolai Roerich. Among them there were 2 variants of picture “ She, who leads”.

Maria Vivekova,  a representative of the NGO working with the people who need help in different life situations, mostly psychological. They do workshop on conflict resolutions addressing to the roots of people family lineage, sometimes the problem lies in childhood challenges. Maria told about their experience of work with fairy tales, mostly Russian, where the main heroes are the beautiful and skillful Vasilisa, the Wisest one and her hero Ivanushka-very often behaving awkwardly, but he becomes a real hero at the end of the fairy-tale. Maria underlined the leading role of woman in spiritual development of humanity.

Then we all listened to the poetry and tsome music.

Igor- a newcomer for the audience, shared his thoughts of the false road the humanity has taken and his ideas of how to overcome the problems of today. He sees it in the idea of organizing the people of the Planet, especially nations and religious leaders to come together and invite children as participants for the World Summit discussions. The next Forum will be a gathering of spiritual leaders. His ideas seem to be too Utopian today, actually the World Summits take place for long time.

Rimma Zvereva(Euro-Asia URI CC) spoke about importance of reviving  knowledge of different nations’ ancestors so that to take out the best of them for implementation today. She spoke of  Nature rhythms and importance for us to keep to them. Rimma underlined the historical role of woman in resolution of clashes between clans and nations.

We all prayed  for Peace in Ukrain and express our wish that the women of Ukrain would try to do the best in calming the situation.