VPiD – welcome a new Co-operation Circle in Belgium

As many URI members may recall, VPiD was launched in 2007 at the big interfaith concert in Antwerp, where URI Europe members and URI’s Global Council were present, together with 1,200 people, to witness a beautiful symphony of music, dance, prayer and testimonies from people of diverse faiths. This was also broadcast live over the internet. 

VPiD has now restarted in Heusden, the most multicultural city in Flanders. The team is working in cooperation with the city hall of Heusden to jointly develop a programme for intercultural and interfaith discussion.  Living Values Education (LVE) will be used in a programme for the entire community, but with a focus on diversity and interfaith and intercultural exchange. We aim to create a network for young and old, profit and non-profit, religious and non religious.  

The website will be open to all interfaith efforts in Flanders. In this way people who have an interfaith organization or group, whether small or large, can introduce themselves. The website is meant to be a platform and forum for activists in interfaith and intercultural issues. The newly founded CC aims to bring people together through meetings, dialogue, exchange and cooperation and empowering actions.