URI Korea Youth Camp 2015

On Monday 3RD of August the URI Korea Youth Camp 2015 was inaugurated in the Central Church of Chongdogyo in Seoul with an opening ceremony lead by Ven Jinwol (Founding-President of URI-Korea), where the participants undertook the URI Oath and the goals and activities of the  5-days-program were presented.  


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30 young adults are participating in the Youth Camp: Vietnamese, Chinese and Korean students, a Sri Lankan and a Nepalese who live in Korea and 5 foreigners who travelled from different countries (Spain, America, Australia, India and Nigeria).

The theme of this years camp, “Leadership for Equality and Compassion”, will be explored through group activities throughout the week.


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Before having lunch in a local restaurant the group visited the Buddhist temple Yogiesa. In the afternoon the religious pilgrimage continued with a visit of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, where a presentation was done by the leaders of the temple about history and values of the Mormon religion and its history as well as about the symbology and the sacredness of the rooms in a Mormon temple. During the presentation photos of each room in the temple were shown and explained that they were sacred and only open to initiated members of the faith. Questions  were proposed and answered after the presentation.


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Afterwards, the group visited  the Central Mosque of Seoul where the Islam faith was presented and followed with question and answer time with the Iman. 

Finally  after check-in preparations and dinner at a hostel in Seoul the program continued with a lecture by Prof S. Park about equality and compassion. The group was then split in 4 smaller groups with the purpose of each preparing a presentation about equality and compassion at the end of the camp.


Veronica Sartore and Laura Escudero