URI Europe at G20 Interfaith Summit in Istanbul

Worldwide, there is increasing recognition that faith and religion play a vital role in promoting peaceful and harmonious relationships within and between nations. However there are few examples of positive contributions faiths and religions make to social well-being and on policies that impact national and international communities. The G20 Interfaith Summit is a forum where these contributions can be highlighted and advanced.



The Summit bring together opinion leaders such as scholars, lawyers and political leaders with faith and interfaith leaders from around the world for three days of discussion and dialogue as a substantive and symbolic contribution to the G20 forum.

This gathering is showcasing the academic, political and social contributions of various faith traditions and philosophies from around the world. It also highlight an important gap in the discussions of the G20 Leaders Summit. This conference strengthen  social cohesion through the creation of opportunities for communication and relationship building between participants and raise the profile of faith and interfaith communities.

This year G 20 Interfaith summit was organized from 16 till 18 th November in Istanbul, Turkey under the name: Religion, Harmony and Sustainable Development. This summit brought together more than 150 scholars, political and religious leaders, as well as representative of interfaith organization from all over the world. URI Europe had opportunity to be part of this big and important event and URI Europe CC Liaison Officer Lejla Hasandedic took part at NGO Panel: Youth as Advocates of Social & Interfaith Cohesion as one of the representative of ACWAY (A Common Word Among Youth) program, together with colleagues from KAICIID Dialogue Centre. She shared positive examples of URI Europe grass root work and activities and make contacts with other participants for future collaborations.



Jana Jakob, Rawaad Mahyub and Lejla Hasandedic

G 20 1

Lejla Hasandedic during her presentation at the Summit


To get more information about G20 Intrefaith Summit visit their web site http://www.g20interfaith.org/