It was with such joy to be sitting at a meeting inside the UN on the Role of Religion and Faith-Based Organizations in International Affairs and to have the Minister of the Permanent Mission of Nigeria to the UN to be the one to highlight the work of the United Religions Initiative!  Mr. Akinremi Bolaji said we work to share best practices our work mission statement.

I was able to share Abraham Karakam's  story of working together to get an ambulance to serve their their entire community. After working together they were able to address unlocking the cemetery that had been locked for years because they could not agree on which religion should be buried there.

Working together for one doable issue opens doors to additional collaborations to heal communities, sometimes healing very old and deep

Thank you every CC for your work for today, for healing the past and for a future that works for all.





Monica Willard
United Religions Initiative
United Nations Representative