URI Affiliate participates in a gastronomic intercultural dialogue and shares the peace message on stage

by Tatomir Ion-Marius (URI Affiliate, Member of URI World Peace Prayer Society, Representative for Romania and Hungary Global Harmony Board Member)

Tatomir GastronomicThe annual international event "Kulturen bitten zu Tisch" took place on 17th June 2010 at Vienna’s Sigmund Freud Park, with the participation of people from 19 nations (Argentina, Azerbaijan, Burkina Faso, Greece, India, Israel, Jordan, Croatia, Cuba, La Reunion, Mongolia, Montenegro, Portugal, Serbia, Spain, Sri Lanka, South Korea, Turkey, and Hungary).

Each of these nations had a tent with meals and products specific to their countries, and maps and different things for the attending people. On a stage nearby, traditional dances and songs were performed by dancers and singers from different countries. Every year about 4,000 people attend this gastronomic intercultural dialogue. Also, there is tremendous coverage by the press and television stations. The main organizer of this event was the World Public Forum, an international peace initiative. 

I attended this event and while looking at the tents, each displaying the flag and country name, I had an idea to ask the organisers of this event to allow me to invite people to join in saying “May Peace Prevail on Earth” in their native languages.

Tatomir UgarnI was fortunate to find a way to speak personally with Mr. Walter Schwimmer, president of the international committee of coordination of the World Public Forum, a very kind, peace loving person. I introduced myself and told him that I was representing the World Peace Prayer Society and briefly explained its mission, the spreading of “May Peace Prevail on Earth”, the Peace Poles Project, and that we have Representative at the UN. And I asked him for permission to invite people to join in saying May Peace Prevail on Earth. He agreed and was very kind. I was very touched and drank a glass of water before going on the stage. I think there were between 700 and 800 persons in the park at that moment.

When my name was announced I greeted the people in English and asked them to join in saying “May Peace Prevail on Earth” in their native languages. Then I said MPPOE in German, English, Romanian, Hungarian, Spanish, Indonesian, Hebrew, Arabic and Italian.

I am glad, that I was able to share the Peace Message in Wien during this event. May Peace Prevail on Earth, in Harmony and Unity!

Tatomir Gastronomic