URI 10th Anniversary and UN IDP Celebration in Barcelona, September 25, 2010

Dear friends,

On 24th and 27th September 2010, the URI Europe board met in Barcelona (Catalonia/Spain), graciously hosted by Elisabeth and the UNESCOCAT/AUDIR CC. It was a very successful meeting, including:

URI in Barcelona

- board meetings with strategic planning, planning for the URI Europe Assembly in Istanbul at the end of October,

- a lunch meeting with the Catalonian network of interfaith organisations, coordinated by UNESCOCAT/AUDIR,

- the URI 10th Anniversary and UN IDP (International Day of Peace) celebration by UNESCOCAT and URI Europe.

The URI 10th Anniversary and UN IDP celebration took place at a public library in the centre of Barcelona with a beautiful view of tropical garden scenery. About 150 peopleparticipated, with people standing as there was not enough room for them all, despite the fact that it was a special holiday weekend.

URI in Barcelona

An interfaith choir sang wonderful songs from different faith traditions.

Several people gave short speeches:

- Felix Marti, Founder and Former President of UNESCOCAT, who signed the URI Charter in Pittsburgh in 2010,

- Nathalie Reverdin, President of AUDIR, who participated in a Latin American URI Assembly,

- Karimah Stauch, Kiran Bali, Martin Gurvich and Sheikh Bashir for URI Europe.
Francesc Torradeflot led the programme. He first participated in URI at the URI Europe Assembly in Budapest, Hungary 2000.

Karimah URI in Barcelona URI meeting in Barcelona

URI Europe awarded UNESCOCAT/AUDIR a certificate of recognition for their excellent work for peace, justice and healing.

We are deeply grateful to ELISABETH LHEURE and UNESCOCAT/AUDIR, whose hospitality was just fantastic!!!

Warm greetings