Unitheum CC celebrates an Universal Worship on the occasion of the International Peace Day

by Puran Lehmann

URIOn the occasion of the International Peace Day proclaimed by the UN a Universal Worship was celebrated by the CC Unitheum e.V. (Germany).  Some impressions on the Universal Worship in Göttingen: The focus was on the theme “Gratitude,” and we thankfully received a lot of    very positive feedback. It was in all aspects a successful service with more than 30 participants. Many had never before taken part in a Universal Worship. As it had been organized by five people, each multiplying the idea to their surroundings, there were many new faces: friends, colleagues, acquaintances and others. We also were pleased to welcome a whole family that had been informed about the event by a poster in the Waldorf School.

AltarThe altar was set up in the middle of the room, allowing us to sit around in a chair circle. This then easily made it possible to have a dance inspired by the Jewish religion. We celebrated the vocation of the four elements as well, a short Buddhist meditation, the recitation of a mantra and, last but not least, four songs. All this was done by all participants, accompanied on the piano, the guitar and, during the dance, on a violin.

We were happy to enjoy the live music. A woman who plays the flute is prepared to enrich the musical kaleidoscope  at the next service. Another has offered her assistance in organizing the next Universal Worship.  By the way, two weeks before the Universal Worship a retired priest gave a sermon in Herberhausen, and to our surprise he joyfully handed out invitations to the Universal Worship to his listeners. He had photocopied them at his own expense. He also took part in the Universal Worship, with which he was already familiar because he had been at Osterode with Pir Vilayat every now and then. 

This event was announced on the homepage of the UN as well as by URI Germany. There were announcements in the newspapers in Göttingen. The event was publicised with 20 posters and 300 flyers. The “Göttinger Tagesblatt” also published a short article on the Universal Worship. 


About 100 invitation leaflets for our next Universal Worship in December have already been taken along, together with many Unitheum flyers. Of course the reference- and project folder were on display as well. With donations of around €100, we were able to pay for the costs of the event and purchase a second cover for the altar.    





We plan to put the Universal worships on a regular schedule of every three months, each with a seasonal theme.