Symposium "I make the difference - difference in education" - Steering Committee CC, Netherlands

By Bart ten Broek (Steering Committee URI Netherlands CC)

"I make the difference - difference in education"

The above is the title of a symposium, held on 17th April in Soest in the Netherlands. 

The Conference was organized by five different movements for religious freedom, peace and dialogue. One of them was the CC Steering Committee of the Netherlands. 

It is important to say, that the cooperation between the organizations is getting much stronger and they present themselves also more cohesively in Dutch society. 

Several speakers explained how you can contribute from your inner inspiration to good social development, especially in education. 

Bart ten Broek of URI spoke about interreligious education and (world)citizenship! 

He has had the great experience of directing a Christian primary school, which turned into an interreligious school where Muslim and Christian parents sat on the board. Now he is the president of a foundation: WijDeWereldschool (Wide(we)TheWorldschool).This foundation presents a certificate to schools that show how they apply an integrated model of interreligious education, citizenship and working with heart, head and hands. 

Rita Ramrooching spoke about how “Top Teachings”(her concept) can come into existence, when in education-innovation you create more time for rest, room and religion (spirituality). 

Mijke Jetten of Radboud University Nijmegen is searching for the effects of the interreligious dialogue. Is this “Sense or Nonsense”. The Hindu pandit Sewnath offered very amazing and practical philosophical thoughts. 

Anneke Tan (URI) did social work in the interreligious school in Ede (Netherlands). It is very important to build a good relationship with the parents about innovations at the school. 

Wil van Meeber, president of the Foundation Oecumenical Women group is studying differences in power between men and women in the religions and how this affects education. How can we work on change in the interreligious process? 

It was beautiful symposium with many interesting stories and examples and very inspiring throughout!