Spiritual Climate Conference in Copenhagen

Copenhagen was simply teeming with people during those two weeks of the climate conference.

By Bente Westh (secretary for URI, Copenhagen)   

8th January 2010

Copenhagen spiritual conference

During the Copenhagen Conference a spiritual climate conference arranged by GPIW (global Peace Initiative of Women) was also being held for a week along with the political one. A “rainbow” array of spiritual leaders from all over the world and from all traditions (Sufis, Buddhists, Hindus, Christians, Jews, indigenous people from Brazil, Australia and North America) gathered in Copenhagen to share thoughts and prayers about our planetary condition.

Scientists also gave their views regarding sustainable solutions, on a small scale as well as in a larger perspective. As the title of the conference “Awakening to oneness” implies, it was the common belief that this is simply the challenge of our time. What our planet urges us to work on is a shift in consciousness as well. Then the earth will be able to heal itself. Man can predict and make calculations – and should; but the healing forces of nature/God is a power to be trusted.

Though serious appeals were heard from various delegates, the optimism was also there: step by step we can change the situation. So many NGOs displayed their activities, and so many steps have been taken around the world. 

Copenhagen spiritual conferenceHere are some illuminating quotes from www.avaaz.org:

“History was being made in Copenhagen.”

“The seeds of healing have taken root.”

“It takes a lot to get an elephant moving, but when you do it is hard to stop.”