Peace prayer at Namedy castle


Clouds and few raindrops did not deter the many visitors who had come into the beautiful park and courtyard of the Hohenzollern castle, Burg Namedy, on Sunday, June 12, 2016.

The courtyard was adorned with roses of all colors in fool bloom. Different cultural events awaited the visitors who came in their hundreds throughout the day, and last but not least food and beverages to enjoy.


    Peace prayer 3              Peace prayer 5


The summer festival “Art in the Park” started with a peace prayer, blessing the event and setting an intention for peace and human encounter.


Peace prayer 4


This year, due to the weather conditions, it happened in the knight’s hall. About eighty participants had crowded into the hall, and more were standing outside hoping to find space.

Believers of the Jewish, Buddhist, Catholic, Anglican, Muslim and Yezidi faith traditions shared their wishes, desires and insights for peace, recited prayers and sang songs. Their contributions were embedded in the music of the band “Sparking Lights” which created a very tender atmosphere.


Peace prayer 2


“God is surely wondering about us humans, why we do not living in harmony. At the heart of all traditions we find the same ideals, and we also find peace and the Divine in nature.” said the hostess princess Heide of Hohenzollern in her remarks. As prayers ended, the sun had come out.


Peace prayer 1


The DMLBonn CC and URI Germany CC have been part of the peace prayer from its inception ten years ago and are grateful to Princess Heide that she is creating this welcoming space for encounter.


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