New website launched for URI’s Multi Region

URI’s Multi Region has a new website: This new and improved Multi Region Web site – version 2.0 – was announced by the Multi Region’s Coordinator, Lance Trumbull. The Multi Region is one of the eight URI regions. While the other regions are geographically defined, the Multi Region is the home of the URI Cooperation Circles (CCs), which have members from different parts of the world.

Lance Trumbull stated: “Although the ‘old’ Multi Region site was pretty good and has functioned well for the last three and half years, I thought it was time to develop a site that could not only inform people about what is going on with the Multi Region but also give individuals an opportunity to learn more about URI itself. I also found it important to inspire people with a strong web presence – a strong handshake and first impression to the world and to all of those who want to possibly become affiliated with the Multi Region or with URI in general. Enjoy the Multi Region’s new virtual home!”