New URI Europe CC

4-nterkultureller Kreis URI Bonn CC (Intercultural Circle URI Bonn) is established with the purpose to promote civic engagement, interfaith dialogue, peace building, working for peace, promoting URI, discuss, make projects and actions. They want to give their contribution to make society more peaceful and tolerance by implementation of understanding.

This group started in 2012. It was and is till now a monthly gathering of people with different spiritual and cultural backgrounds. 

In the city of Bonn they have many inhabitants, who have come here from abroad, studied in Germany and have lived there for a long time. Their idea was to bring them together, to come to know each other, to learn from each other, to discuss problems or actual topics and to join cultural events. We aim to open the minds and to look at things from different points of view. Then they asked the group, whether they are also interested to make projects. The next step was to join URI.  And now we have new URI Europe CCI.

They had two events with poetry: One about Turkish poems beginning with Rumi until the modern time, the other with poems around Christmas and searching God, where Tagore was integrated, too, as well as Kafka and Brecht. Then one of their friends who is an artist invited them to her house to show her pictures and explain her doings. They have started three projects, which the members support: 

- School project. In cooperation with URI global youth program and Matthew Youde they will start to introduce training for understanding and peace building at one high school in Bonn. The students should be guided to conduct their own projects and activities later on, so that the circles can continue and grow. This will be the first URI project of this kind in Europe.

- Rooms of silence. In hospitals and clinics for rehabilitation they would like to support the installation of rooms of silence, where people of all faiths can pray. They will do this in cooperation with the office of integration, URI Germany and other people, who work on interfaith matters.

- “Sounds of Faith”, a photo-exhibition of the Indonesian photo artist Jane Duncker In the context of the “Bonn Week of Cultures” in November 2014. The whole project also includes a reading and music performances. For this project they are doing fundraising and also members of our group will help and offer contributions, such as the catering, for it.

And they have a lot of further ideas, for example to visit or to invite different religious groups to talk about their doings in Bonn. Or to gather on the marketplace in Bad Godesberg to stand for freedom and tolerance and acceptance. 

Welcome to URI Europe CC community