Living Values Education for URI Europe Co-operation Circles

LVE AnniekURI Europe is planning a pilot project to make Living Values Education (LVE) available to European URI Co-ooperation Circles from the end of 2009 on.

Living Values Education (LVE) offers practical steps for values based conversations, personal development and community activism.  It is supported by UNESCO and many other organisations, agencies, governmental bodies, foundations, community groups and individuals.

Please contact us, if you have experience with LVE and/or would like to participate in this pilot project, working on the project team, with your Co-operation Circle or otherwise. Please contact URI Europe Co-ordinator, Karimah Stauch, by email under kstauch [at]

URI Co-operation Circle and supporter Bond zonder Naam (BZN) has been using Living Values Education (LVE) in a pilot project with 7 schools in Flanders/Belgium for two years. The project involves entire school communities, i.e. students, teachers and parents. They discuss and explore values in a world café process. From their conversations, action plans are developed.

Three members of the URI Euroope Executive Committte - Patrick Hanjoul, Karimah Stauch and Patrick Nickisch participated in a LVE training day on April 21, 2009, at the Bond zonder Naam headquarters in Antwerp.

The training was led by Anniek Gavriilakis, who is the project co-ordinator for the LVE school project at BZN.  

One month before the training, the three participants were asked by Anniek Gavriilkis  to complete an online survey, using the "Cultural Transformation Tool" (CTT). All three were asked about their 10 most important values at this moment: a) personal values in their personal experience, b) organisational values in URI Europe at work right now, c) organisational values important for URI Europe's success.  The data from this online survey were processed by BZN. 

LVE Patrick and Patrick

The Cultural Transformation Tool ( CTT) offers a framework to analyse values and interpret them, and Anniek Gavrrilakis led the team in some very interesting exchanges and conversations about the values they had chosen.

They then moved into a process of establishing their three core values for URI Europe. As only three team members and not the entire team were involved, it was more of an excercise. Anyway the present team members came up with: 1.)  "Making a difference", 2.) "Empowerment" and 3.) "Trust".

A conversation then followed, exploring what these values meant for the participants: their best personal memories of these values; definitions, conditions, characteristics; best practices and experiences; as well as new opportunities and challenges.

The third step - after self reflection and conversation - is moving into action, namely to follow up on the conversation and exchange with creating an action plan. As the time was running late, Anniek Gavriilakis sketched very briefly, how this could be achieved.

All three participants expressed that they had experienced the training as enriching and interesting and believed, LVE might be an excellent tool to offer to URI Co-operation Circles.

LVE Karima, Patrick and Patrick