International Peace Day celebration in Bonn

At Bonn the International Peace Day has been celebrated over one week. It was a week of and intercultural and interfaith events.
I organized with my Cooperation Circle "Interkultureller Kreis" and also in the Name of URI Germany a gathering in Bad Godesberg City on the 23rd of September. Also other groups were invited.
2016 09 24 13.08.02
In the late afternoon we met on the Theaterplace. By 25 people we stood around the fountain in the center and meditated for about 10 Minutes. This action attracted people, who were passing. Then we turned around and explained to the people, for what we are doing this: It's the International Peaceday, we are representing a global network of peolple working for peace and justice beetween the differnt religions and kultures, etc. We distributed our flyers and asked them to join us to sing. At the end we gathered again around the fountain and sang: "We shall overcome". When singing "We'll walk hand in hand" we took the hand of our neighbour, when singing: ""We shall live in peace", we lifted our hands up. That was like a common prayer. The guests of a near by coffee house, who sat outside because of the nice wether, sang loudly with us and were very interested in what we are doing.
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2016 09 24 13.06.36
The feedback of the participants was overwellming. So I decided to continue with this action every year on International Peaceday, also in other parts of the town of Bonn.
Marianne Horling, URI Europe, URI Germany and CC Intercultural Circle Bonn