Interfaith Toolkit book for educators to be published

By Heidi Rautionmaa (Forum of Religions in Helsinki CC)


Interfaith ToolkitI am happy to announce that the first Toolkitbook of Interfaith in the Finnish language is on its way to be published.

There are several articles written by educators, teachers, youth workers from several faiths and spiritual traditions and also there are some training lessons/workshops for practical use in this book.

The name of the book is “Interfaith dialogue - educating to the intercultural encounter”.  

I served as the editor and you can just imagine how many photos taken during these 10 years of my interfaith work are in this book. 

The book contains many beautiful pictures, it has a very fresh and bright outlook. Raisa Suuronen, the graphic designer has done a great job. There are also some photos taken by her. She is a professional photographer and a follower of Mother Amma.  

The cover of the book is very beautiful. I see it as a picture about friendship and the walk that is taken together. My younger daughter´s hand is on the cover.  

The oldest person who contributed an artickle to this book is around 85 years and the youngest writers are Paula´s and my daughters,  Mina and Tarina, who are 15 and 14 years old. 

The grand old lady who wrote about peace education is the humanist Helena Kekkonen who received the first UNESCO peace award in the 1980s.  

This book will be presented to the President of Finland as well when we meet her. President Tarja Halonen gave a speech before the panel discussion in New York, at the seminar organized by the Clinton Foundation. Amongst other topics she spoke about the importance of educating teachers.  

I agree: education is the key.