Interculturele Progressieve Stichting (IPS) and Steering Committee URI the Netherlands meeting in The Hague

Interculturele Progressieve Stichting (IPS) and Steering Committee URI the Netherlands meet each other in The Hague, Netherlands on July 14 2016.
The meeting held in Emma, Café Regentesplain 222 in The Hague.
IPS members warmly welcomed honorary members from CC URI Netherlands, president Mr. Ari van Buuren and  general secretary Mr. Bart ten Broek.


Hague 2

Discussions were held and ideas were shared between both circles.
During the meeting IPS explained about the plan to produce a Documentary about URI Netherlands and Mr. Bart ten Broek's contributions towards its humble efforts in URI worldwide.
The following members also attended the meeting: secretary Mr. Anne Verzijl, Mr Irfan Ahmed, Mr. Simon Petrus Sapioper, Mr. Mohammed Sohail along with Mr. Saeed Shafaq who is president of IPS.



Hague 1


Interesting ideas were exchanged during the meeting and suggestions were made about restructuring IPS in order to be more effective in its future efforts. The president of IPS Mr. Saeed, was extremely delighted in presence of such eminent people Mr. Ari Van Buren and Mr. Bart ten Broek, showing their personal interest in future endeavoursof IPS such as helping the organization in re-establishing and organizing future events as Mr. Saeed particularly felt himself alone in realizing his global objectives.

IPS has committed to be associated partners of URI, as a Cooperation Circle (CC) and its Global Mission. IPS and URI's exchange their ideas for new alternatives and strategies.
Both organizations were very grateful for all that can be bring for URI's mission in the world and they send their message of Love, Peace and Harmony.


Shaeed Shafaq (President of IPS CC)