How URI meets people


Last week I had a privilege to meet Suchith Abeyewickreme from Sri Lanka, URI Multuregion Global trustee here in Sofia, Bulgaria. He is a nice, very open and humble person with many skills and special dedication to interfaith work. We had a wonderful time together, visiting some of the most significant places in the city, having coffee and hot chocolate and sharing our thoughts and ideas. I realize that people from URI network from every part of the world have similar vision and dreams for the peaceful future of our common Earth despite of their religion background and culture. They could easily find common grounds and become friends.


Angelina Bulgaria


URI Bulgaria members wanted to welcome Suchith in our country and to have a small event with him. On Saturday in the early afternoon BRIDGES CC hosted interregional and intergenerational gathering at one of the best meeting places in the heart of Sofia, restaurant Q-fteria. At the meeting were present Svetlana Karadzhova, Yasmin, Praveena and Azra - three young Muslim from UK, studying Medicine in the Sofia Medical University (originally from India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan), Suchith and myself Angelina. Our dear friend Father Petar, URI Europe Global trustee join the meeting directly after he landed from Brussels.


Angelina Bulgaria 1


During our not so typical Bulgarian lunch together, followed by coffee and tea we had very interesting conversations, important issues had been discussed and new ideas were born. Suchith shared with the girls what exactly means to be an URI CC, how goes the application process. Yasmin was inspired by the great peacebuilding work URI is doing in so many parts of the world using dialogue as a “weapon” against violence, terrorism and xenophobia. She decided to create a CC, together with her friends. They already are involved in a social work  - providing aid for the refugee camps near Sofia and also want to create a Bulgarian student network for humanitarian aid:       

We hope that soon Student AidHelp will become a new youth European CC working closely with BRIDGES on intergenerational problems and cooperation together with their main focus – aid for the refugee camps near Sofia.

After the meeting we all felt enriched by the others and grateful for the chance we had to be together. And again I realize how important are personal contacts among people from different religions but with common goals and dreams for the better and peaceful future of the humankind.      

It is always a joy and blessing when you meet other URI family members from different part of the world!


Angelina Bulgaria 3


Thank you Suchith for being with us! And see you soon in Sarajevo Blagodaria!

With love and gratitude,

Angelina Vladikova, URI Europe CC Liaison Officer