GUNE – welcome a new Co-operation Circle in the Basque Country/Spain

The newly founded CC bears the name “GUNE” which means (amongst other things) “nucleus”, “centre” or “core” in the Euskara language. Based in the Basque Country, Spain, the CC aims to promote encounters, dialogue and mutual understanding between people of different spiritual and religious sensitivities. 

We feel that the way in which URI operates with autonomous CCs being connected globally is something outstanding. Feeling that we can do something in our small town, and that this can echo around the world, widens our hearts. We feel very much connected with the URI ideal as a result of their vision. Our most important activities have been retreats, discussions and, above all, hosting pilgrims from the town of Zumaia. We have organised debates (tertulias) and weekend retreats to strengthen knowledge and abilities that can help us to live together in a better way (co-listening, reflex therapy, etc). During the summer we take care of a hostel for pilgrims of the “Camino de Santiago”. We are also promoting an inter-religious network in the Basque Country.

We would like to create a centre for ongoing encounters as well as a centre of documentation that would enable us to understand and promote a healthy coexistence of the different religions and spiritualities. 

We have prepared a short video with images from past years to share with you: