Coexister and Youth for Peace meet in Sarajevo

On 21 st July two youth URI Europe CC s meet in Sarajevo.

Coexister URI CC members organize team building training in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina as a part of preparation for their Intrefaith Tour 3 and representative of Youth For Peace URI CC from Sarajevo were happy to meet with them, exchange ideas, find inspiration in each other work and plan some future projects together.


YfP 3



“Coexister” is a neutral and undenominational French youth movement that has been advocating Active Coexistence through a method of peer education aimed at 15-35 year-old people since 2009. Young people from all walks of faith and belief, believers and non-believers alike, are members of this organization. Youth is both the fuel and the engine of this movement, providing opportunities for those who want to act now and not wait to become an adult.

Seeking to promote interfaith dialogue and understanding, this organisation is constantly motivated by the transnational implications and global perspectives surrounding the vision for religious coexistence. It seemed to them, that to limit their activity in France would be somewhat insufficient, and that they could only hope to achieve a sustainable local impact by learning to think on an international scale. So they develop and start very famous project Interfaith Tour.


The Interfaith Tour is in fact an annual event, sending young people each year to strengthen old bonds and establish new alliances. Next year Coexister plan Interfaith Tour 3 and they start their preparation with team building workshop in Sarajevo where they meet with Youth For Peace representatives.

Youth for Peace was founded and it is run young people. They have gained their experience throughout years of working with youth in the NGO sector. YfP members come from different ethnic and religious groups, which were very often in conflict in the past. They draw their strength from the desire for sustainable coexistence in the same country, organizing a numbers of different activities for young people and conveying to them their own experience of dialogue and coexistence.

The work of YfP is based on sharing of experience, by providing a positive example of coexistence and spreading the unity spirit among the youth. Main mission and the goals of the organization are aimed at gathering young people, giving education and encouraging activism. From the past experience, it is obvious that young people from different religious and ethnic backgrounds throughout whole Bosnia and Herzegovina do not have the opportunity to meet, socialize, talk, learn from each other, share life experiences and problems, nor do they have any joint activities.

Educations that Youth for Peace offers to youth in BiH are aimed at mapping the similarities and differences, while finding values that are common for all of them, through dialogues and conversations on those topics that differentiate us. Young people are taught how to communicate while respecting others and their needs; quite often different perspectives can help in understanding each other. The workshops are interactive, moderated by the Youth for Peace trainers, who finished different kinds of trainings in B&H and abroad, got their licenses and gain experience throughout years of working with young people.


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