Children revive ancient traditions of ancestors

folklore groupMost of the members of our Euro-Asia URI CC live in Novosibirsk-a big city in the Western Siberia, and only three of us live in Gorno-Altaisk, about 500 klms away - the capital of a small, but so special Republic of Russia, multinational and multi-religions. For many years two of the URI members from Altai Nina Filippova and Irina Isaeva have been devotionally working in the small Puppet-Theater they organized themselves for the children.

But two years ago the  little financial support they had from the local administration was stopped and the Theater was closed. Nina is a talented writer of fairy-tales, which were staged in their Puppet Theater. All the plays they used were proclaiming the ideas of Peace, victory of Good above Evil. Last year Nina started a new children project in the suburb of the city, where she lives with her family. They had neither any financial support, nor even a place where to meet, but step by step Nina managed to unite the children in their love to beauty, goodness and art. The group consists of the children of different nationalities and faiths: some belong to the traditional Altai faith, some are Russian Christians, two - from Kazakhstan, the rest from Uzbekistan and Tadzhikistan, whose parents have come to work here.

Nina decided to concentrate on folklore, using old traditions and ways of praising god, peace, nature and life itself. She believes that reviving ancient wisdom of ancestors children will take the best of them and will be able to lead their life in accordance with the ideas of  harmony and peace in the surroundings and the whole world. This is very important that during the celebrations they involve all the people present into the circle to dance and sing together.

Nina and Irina have invited me twice to their special seasonal celebrations during the last few months, but I managed to visit them only at the end of April 2014, when they came together for a rehearsal. What a great joy it was to see happy faces of the children dancing and singing together the way it was done centuries ago. On that day it was the Russian circle devoted to awakening nature in spring. It turned out that quite recently the Republic Ministry of Culture supported Nina’s idea of having Children Folklore Festival at the beginning of August 2014. It will be a real cultural breakthrough. The year 2014 was proclaimed by the Government of Russia the Year of Culture.

The children of Altai Republic invite the guests from all over the world, children and adults to participate in this Folklore Festival!