Building bridges toward peace

Despite very bad weather conditions and closed roads on the 7 th of January in St. Vincent church many people attended the peace vigil and this had put the interfaith working group on the loom.


St Vincet church 2


It was a nice celebration with music and singing, prayers, wishes of peace and various texts.



St Vincet church 1


Participants together were lit the candles.


St Vincet church 4


"Building bridges" was the central theme so the church was therefore a symbolic bridge.


St Vincet church 3


It was highlighted that in almost all texts of various religions the same core message of peace and mercy come forward.


St Vincet church 5


The blessing was given by the various religions and all those present signed a commitment to build bridges together.


Here you can read about initiative that lead to this event.


This event was organized by URI and BZN activist, Jac de Bruyn, and the Interreligieuze Werkgroep Ghent CC