An Open Letter of Gratitude


To the leaders of Germany, Ukraine, Russia and France

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We, the URI-Europe conference’ participants gathered in April in PlovdivBulgaria, on behalf of the grassroots members of European United Religions Initiative’s family address the leaders of Germany, Ukraine, Russia and France to express our gratitude for their facilitation of the process of the ceasefire agreement for Eastern Ukraine negotiated in Minsk as a first step together towards peace.


We express our moral, emotional and spiritual support to the four European statespersons in their continued efforts and dedication for an ongoing peaceful and principled resolution of the situation in Eastern Ukraine; as well as our wishes and encouragement to continue their steps towards peace, to maintain a commitment to dialogue and diplomacy.


Approved by the undersigned delegates of European Cooperation Circles of the United Religions Initiative (URI).


26th of April 2015  



Name-URI Coorporation Circle (CC)- Country

Daniel Exposito - Romero European Youth Leadership CC - Spain

Lesley Ten Siethoff - URI Netherlands - Netherlands

Martina Georgieva - URI Bulgaria - Bulgaria

Vjekoslav Saje - Balkan as a Soul Bridge - Bosnia and Herzegovina

René Kahukula - Pacific Teams - France

Karimah Stauch - DMLB, URI Germany, URI Europe - Germany

Patrick Nickisch - UN Ambassador of URI in Geneva - Switzerland

Rosen Dimov - European Youth Leadership CC - Bulgaria

Alba Tarroc Fernandez - AUDIR - Spain

Merel Remmerswaal - URI Netherlands - Netherlands

Adriana Lubenova - Bulgaria

Abdelkarim Bellafkih - Bond Zonder Naam - Belgium

Wilhelm Sabri Hoffmann - URI Bonn - Germany

Eloïse Roux – EIFRF - France

Eric Roux - EIFRF - France

Andrea Dornseif - Unitheum - Germany

Stefania Sabo  -Romania

Sheikh Bashir Dultz - DMLB, URI Germany, URI Europe - Germany

Dr. Petar Grammatikoff  - URI Bulgaria - Bulgaria

Arzu Cetinkaya - Intercultural Circle Bonn - Germany

Duncan Wielzen - IBS The Hague - Netherlands

Marianne Horling - Intercultural Circle Bonn - Germany

Angelina Vladikova - Bridges, Forum For Dialogue - Bulgaria

Bart ten Broeck - IBS The Hague - Netherlands

Ari Van Buren - URI Netherlands - Netherlands

Elisabeth Lheure – AUDIR - Spain

Rita Bouwman - Dialogue Group Prisma - Belgium

Sally Mahé - URI USA - USA

Svetlana Karadzhova - Bridges - Bulgaria

Nargis Nurulle - Tajikistan


You are heartily invited to use this letter and endorse it.
Please support it with your Cooperation Circle (CC) or individually and send it, with your cover letter expressing your endorsement, to the Embassies of the four states in your country.

It is a chance for all of us to make a real contribution for peace.