70 participants in peace vigil for Syria in Belgium

On Tuesday night (20.12.2016) at Heroes' Square 70 people participated in a solidarity campaign for the victims of the war in Syria.

Participants placed white linens on the floor and left burning candles. The participants were of all ideologies and religions, both Turks and Flemings.



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Initiator Jac De Bruyn referred to the suffering of the people in Syria highlighting that others are celebrating at Christmas peace festival without thinking of all the victims.

According to the initiators there is also need for government to do some concrete actions and help  Syrians.



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The imam of one of the mosques said a prayer and the audience together sang a few verses from the Christmas carol "Peace." Finally organizers invited participant to take part on 7 th January between 5:30 PM and 6:30 PM in peace vigil in St. Vincent's Church. This will be organized on initiative of the interfaith group.



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This event was organized by URI and BZN activist, Jac de Bruyn, and the Interreligieuze Werkgroep Ghent CC.